Nissan brings 20/20-Aussichten

Goodwood (England), June 26, 2014

In May 2013, the video game series Gran Turismo celebrated her 15th birthday. On this occasion, 28 different car manufacturers were asked to an individual and digital dream car for the current racing simulation Gran Turismo to design 6.

system symbiosis

So the game developers can keep Polyphonic without much effort its users through the free download of new vehicles at the bar. The waiting time on the part of the seventh row is shortened. The automaker, however, have the opportunity to play around and can thereby futuristic concept cars to test in front of the mostly male audience. BMW, Mercedes and Toyota, as well as many other manufacturers operate so literally playing market research.

virtual reality

It was not until everything is just a game, but eventually it is then but seriously. Nissan took this step and now made from the 2 +2 Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is a mature concept model. It combines design elements typical current Nissan sports car with aerodynamic elements from racing. The vehicle is now the first physical implementation of digital all-wheel drive model. The premiere will take place in the summer of 2014 at the Goodwood Festivial of Speed ​​, an internationally respected motorsport event southwest of London. Nevertheless, the first riders of the study will have to take place in the living room chair and send from there the cars on test drive.

Multimedia driver training

Nissan and Gran Turismo have a far-reaching symbiotic system. Not only the current design project combines the two companies. Both work in the GT Academy at the future of the talent search. Since 2008 is available online within the racing simulation special qualification races. Who is apparent from the qualifying rounds as a winner, rises to the recliner in a real car seat. Then the finalists must grow beyond itself. Fast forward, this means that video game? Driver Training? Race license? Professional racers. 2014, in the sixth year of the training program, it can bring in the 24-hour race in Dubai from the couch to get behind the wheel of a Nissan race car participants.

growing up

In plain English, this means: From July 2014 Nissan Concept 2020 down load, complete testing, training, qualifications and driver training to survive. At the end you can take under certain circumstances, the real control in the hands and Nissan makes actually serious. In 2020, would be one of the first to ride in a production version of the Concept 2020 the Goodwood Hill. (ml )