New Suzuki Jimny leaked

Hair, 29. August 2017

All love the Mercedes G-model. Why? Because the technology is up-to-date, but the all-terrain vehicle visually looks just like its debut in 1979. Of a similar corn meal and the Suzuki Jimny. Much smaller, but still very capable off-road, it is in its current Form since 1998 on the market. Now photos show leaked images of internal presentation of the next Jimny remains true to itself, but at the same time, comforting Retro-feelings triggers.

Retro optics with right angle

Similar to the Mercedes G-model of a 2018er Jimny looks like ruler-drawn. Suzuki draws the Design on the history of its small all-terrain vehicle: Front, the new Jimny is reminiscent of the LJ20, 1977, but also on the SJ Samurai from the 1980s. The gap in the market for the Suzuki Jimny is based on two things: the very compact dimensions, the length is 3.70 meters. It will not be shaken, as well as the three-door design. On the other, there is a purely mechanical all-wheel drive. Standard rear-wheel drive, up to 100 km/h can be switched while the drive to all-wheel drive. Then a actuator motor in the transfer case for a rigid connection of the front and rear axle. In 2WD mode there is no connection to the front axle.

Premiere in October 2017

But back to the leaked images. You show a basic version with steel rims, at the other end of two colored variants to wait on a lifestyle clientele. The Cockpit is reminiscent of the new Swift, the bezels of the instruments refer to the iconic LJ80 1979. Is maintained the robust platform with ladder frame. In the case of the motors, Suzuki prejudice, however, to group shelf: it is possible to the 90-HP naturally aspirated petrol engine in the Ignis and the one-liter turbo gasoline engine with 111 HP from the Swift and Baleno. Only in Japan there is also a 660-cubic-Turbo. What is the technique on the images to be seen in the automatic transmission, is still open. Officially, the new Jimny will not be presented in mid-September of 2017, at the IAA in Frankfurt (where Suzuki shows the Swift Sport), but at the end of October at the Tokyo Motor Show. In 2018, the "G-model of the little man comes" on the market.(rh)