New Russians smarts for the city of tomorrow

Moscow, 12 April 2017

You remember the Mirrow Provocator? No? Then we help you jog your memory, because there are news about the car. The car of the Moscow company of Mirrowcars is in a sense the Russian answer to the smart fortwo and was introduced to early 2016.

Not three meters, but only 2.70 meters long

There were misunderstandings regarding size and safety of the car, so Mirrowcars. And they were an obstacle to find strategic partners and investors for the implementation of the car. In our article of the February 2016, we gave the length with 2.97 meters. Now the Russians to clarify: the car is (like the smart fortwo) only 2.70 meters long. To demonstrate the versatility of the platform, the company has designed two new versions and shows 3D renderings of them. The Mirrow StyleT looks like a classic car from the early days of the automobile. The other study, the Mirrow paradox, is rather what followers of a futuristic style.

Access from the rear

Both new models are as big as the Provocator and have the same layout: how a passenger jet to get back in the cockpit, that is through a rear door. Laterally there are only emergency exits. The compact size to reduce traffic congestion and alleviate the suffering of the parking lot because the vehicles can be parked perpendicular to the curb. However, should the tiny transport safely and comfortably four people and their luggage.

Model: four adults have place

To show this, Mirrowcars has built a real scale model one-to-one. The leg room front should be as large as a Mercedes E-class, the seating position is apparently higher than in a monster-pick-up à la Nissan Titan. The driver can go back through the wide space between the seats. In this course, several large suitcases can be or even a road transport.

Enough space for the drive

In spite of the generous Interior front the platform has still enough space for a transmission and a 1.5 liter internal combustion engine so Mirrowcars. Under the passenger compartment, there is room for additional components. Also, an electric drive would be possible. In the sandwich floor, approximately 11,000 memory cells of the type Panasonic 18650 would place. In the Tesla S with the 85-kilowatt battery meet the model already 7.104 memory cells of this type for a range of 400 kilometres.

Crash-safe and printable

The roofless frame model of Mirrowcars aims to provide an impression of the body stability. The sandwich bottom, the massive construction and high seating position to effectively protect the occupants in the event of an accident. Also for 3D printing, the body would are so Mirrowcars. But even produce the company doesn't want the cars but rather ideas and licensors. The Russians could also imagine to deliver finished plastic bodies in cooperation with a major chemical company. (sl)