New Mercedes A-class: Here are the prices

Stuttgart, 5. March 2018

One of the Top novelties of the car spring of 2018, the new Mercedes A-class for sure. Shortly before its exhibition debut at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) are known, the manufacturer prices. This is also necessary because the car can (and has to be ordered). Will be delivered starting in may 2018.

The engine is what is yet to come

The base price is at first glance very violently: 30.232 Euro we go – for this you get almost a C-class. But at launch, there are only three motors, and including anything that could be described as the base motorization. So far, it started with the A-class at 102 HP, the new entry-level engine is located at 163 HP. It's engine is so moderate.

1.3-Liter turbo gasoline engines from the Renault-cooperation

The introduction of the A 200 with a 163-HP 1.3-Liter turbo petrol engine derived from the Renault cooperation. In the case of the French the engine in the Scénic and doing 115, 140 or 160 HP, these power levels are probably in the A-class. The other two engines, the A-class are old Acquaintances: In the A 250's 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine brings it up to 224 HP in the A 180 d 1.5-Liter Diesel working with 116 HP. The A 250 there is with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission for 36.462 Euro, the A-180 d for 31.398 Euro.

Apparently, significantly more equipment

According to Mercedes the entry-level price remains adjusted. Since the performance comparable to A 200 was from 28.905 Euro, the additional equipment of around 1,300 euros. According to the manufacturer, the middle Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog, the basic version is equipped, however, still quite poor. So it has only steel wheels (if even 16-inchers, so slightly larger than before), and normal halogen headlights. The multifunction steering wheel is equipped with Touch Control Buttons, with which the standard MBUX System with two 7.0-inch display will be supported. In addition, there are light - and rain sensor, an automatic climate control system, an active lane-keeping assistant, fatigue wizard, a cruise control, engine start button, a USB port in the front and two for the rear.

Expensive tools en masse

For each of 7.021 euros extra charge there is an Edition of 1. Who ordered prefer individual tools, has the choice of numerous Extras, the beat part, properly to the office. Optionally available Multibeam LED are, for example, headlights (Euro 1,488), a driver assistance package (1.797 euros), a Head-up Display (1.278 euros), and more. The Navigation Premium package with two 10.25-inch display and navigation feature costs a whopping 3.017 Euro – and that's not the end of the flagpole in terms of Infotainment: real-time traffic information, DAB+ and the Augmented Reality function for the sat NAV costs extra.(sl)