New legs for the cat

Lenne city, August 14, 2014

Actually, self-praise stinks so huge, but everyone has sometimes the need, you can look back and recognize: " We have done really well " The suspension specialists H & R this actually proscribed views may indulge in times when they look at their latest development project in the rearview mirror.

Jaguar crouched in attack posture

The sour countries, the review relates to the newly developed sport spring kit for the Jaguar F-Type R. With a tuned to the adaptive sports suspension springs and a lowering by 35 mm H & R wants in terms of driving dynamics and optics awaken " true predator " in the Jaguar that. This leaves only two fingers wide gap between wheel arches and tires. Whether little space goes hand in hand with a lot of fun to be seen, the optical appearance in a hunched attack position manages the Supersport cat anyway.

TÜV certificate included

The customization is available now, including TUV certificate. It costs 451 euros in the recommended retail price. Do not forget you can but that for only a Jaguar F-Type R should be for around 100,000 euros in the garage . (ml)