New images and information about the next BMW X5

Munich, 11. August 2017

These are the latest spy pictures of the next-Generation of the BMW X5. Although the successor of the Bavarian Big-SUV is planned for mid-to-late 2018, to leak more and more Details to the surface. Visually, we don't expect any ground-breaking Revolution. The new X5 is expected to look like a blown-up Version of the just presented in X3. Say: He is not great differently therefore, than its predecessor.

Easier by a new platform

Clearly more is going on under the sheet. The 2018er X5 gets a completely new platform, called the CLAR (Cluster Architecture). The house in Munich in the future, pretty much everything from the 3 series upwards makes for more rigidity, more driving flexibility and less weight. Nearly 100 kilos of the new X5 will save to the current model. Anyway, BMW is likely to choose a more agile tuning to him felt by his new big brother, the X7 delineate. The new XXL-SUV comes about a year and a half earlier, on the same platform, but get a longer wheelbase.

Stronger Hybrid Models

The new X5 has it so much harder than in the past. From the bottom of the new, larger and more Mature X3 presses, from above, the luxury off-roader X7 steal in the future, the better-heeled clientele. The X5 will have to stretch a bit, the positioning is likely to approximately be the same as in 5-series and 7-series. Just a floor higher. For the engines this means: the widely-known Four - and six-cylinder Diesel, Six - and eight-cylinder petrol engine and a four-cylinder Hybrid that will probably get a more powerful E-Motor. Currently, the X5 40e comes with a 113-horsepower electric motor to 313 HP of system power. It will be a more potent six-cylinder Hybrid, it is at least conceivable.

Premiere at the beginning of 2018

Friends of power may look forward to the new Mega-Diesel M50d with four Turbos and 400 HP. And, of course, about the next Generation of Performance-elephants X5 m is expected to be the 4.4-Liter Biturbo V8 engine (608 HP and 750 Newton meters) from the upcoming M5 under the hood. Thus, the 0-100 km/h is expected to take the Sprint in a 2.2-ton barely four seconds. The world premiere of the new X5, we expect to see on one of the big auto shows (Detroit or Geneva) at the beginning of the year 2018. Later on there will be of course a new edition of the coupe offshoot X6.(sw)