New Hyundai Santa Fe

Offenbach, 25. January 2018

The Geneva Motor Show (8. to 18. March 2018) casts its shadow. Slowly the first new products from your sensor, without showing themselves in full glory: the most Recent example is the fourth Generation of the Hyundai Santa Fe. Now there are the first Details of the large SUVs.

The double Santa Fe

But Since 2001, Hyundai has a Santa Fe program, the current model in 2012. Wherein you actually have two vehicles to talk. The normal Santa Fe with a length of 4.70 meters in the League of his group brother Kia Sorento (4,78 meters) and the rival Skoda Kodiaq and VW Tiguan Allspace (both of 4.70 meters). In addition, the Grand Santa Fe, the offers series with 4.90 meters of space for three Seating ranks.

Significantly more technology

If this division is maintained is open to question and not to answer due to the only ones so far to publish the image. Possible to have a "reunion" of the series but, if the Santa Fe will increase in dimensions. Is announced by Hyundai, however it is an upgrade in terms of assistance systems, including a more developed cross-traffic warning system. He slams on the brakes in the event of an imminent collision when leaving a Parking space, the vehicle independently.

Fight the heat death

Just in the summer you hear small children or dogs die an agonising death in overheated cars. In order to prevent that no one will be left behind, Hyundai invented the according to own statements, the first "Rear Occupant Alert". It is during Parking active, an ultrasonic sensor detects movement in the rear seats. The driver is pointed out in the vehicle any persons, visually and acoustically. As a further step, the System is able to bind approximately at high temperatures, a Lock of the car.(rh)