New Ford Mustang GT500 as Erlkönig

Hair, 17. April 2018

The current Ford Mustang there are in this country with a 2.4-Liter gasoline turbo engine (290 HP) and as the Mustang GT with the 450-HP 5.0-Liter V8. In the United States with the addition of a Shelby GT350 will be offered with a 533-horsepower 5.2-Liter V8. The previously offered V6 Version has now been punched. But we maintain: Currently, the end of the flag pole is at 533 HP achieved. Go far beyond the new GT500 is planning to use the Ford for 2019.

With Shelby Cobra on the Grill

Our prototype shows the car during test drives in the USA with a striking polka-dot camouflage. To detect the Shelby-Totem is on the Grill, the erect Cobra. The struts of the front apron do not lean to the outside as in the standard version, but are, so to speak, in a V-shape (top outside to bottom inside). At the rear there is a eye catching diffuser that looks completely different than the normal Mustang. It seems to be a similar component as the GT350.

One of the most powerful Mustangs ever

The new GT500 with over 700 HP is one of the most powerful Mustangs of all time. Not the most powerful Mustang ever? Well, it depends on how it is calculated. There was already a stronger Tuning - and special versions. So Geiger had been versions of the old GT500 with 800 HP in the program. And in 2012 Ford presented himself a 850 HP special model called the GT500 Cobra in honour of the in the same year deceased, Tuner, and race car designer Carroll Shelby. But over 700 HP are not a cardboard handle ...(sl)