New base Diesel for 6 series GT

Munich, 3. May 2018

Business sedan meets luxury glides easily forms slope. This is about the BMW 6 series Gran Turismo. And if you abstain for a huge pile of space and comfort on the very last Tick of driving dynamics, then the 6-series GT is probably your car. In 2017, the Munich sent their large glider as the successor to the often criticized 5 series GT into the race. And with a minimum of 258 HP in the 630i petrol engine. If you want more, has plenty of selection (with the six-cylinder 640i, 630d and 640d). Who wants to less, had none. At least until now. As of July 2018 BMW lifts its relatively small two-litre Diesel under the relatively large hood of the Gran Turismo.

4.8 Litres Standard Fuel Consumption

The four-cylinder 20d is without a doubt one of the best, and sanded most Diesel engines on the market. As 620d Gran Turismo, he brings it to 190 HP at 4,000 rpm and 400 Newton metres of torque, the concerns from 1,750 tours. An eight-speed automatic is standard. The Sprint from 0-100 km/h is the new base Diesel in 7.9 seconds, with a maximum of 220 km/h. The fuel consumption of the BMW with the 4.8 Liter. And CO2 emissions of 127 grams per kilometre. The exhaust gas standard Euro 6d-Temp, he has also in the box.

From 60.600 EUR

Of course, the entry-level Diesel doesn't have nearly the number of grains as the 265-HP six-cylinder in the 630d. In 6.1 seconds to 100 km/h, runs 250 cases top and not be consumed with the official 4.9 liters. However, it is significantly more expensive. 6.300 Euro, to be exact. BMW price-lists-Nerds know immediately: The new 620d Gran Turismo have 60.600 EUR. Have to do without you, however, just a little boost. The clever suspension systems such as air suspension, active steering or active roll stabilisation are also the Basis for the new Diesel.(sw)