Nemo's Nautilus on the block

London ( UK ), June 19, 2015

Again and again, very special vehicles come under the hammer Auction Sales of the British auction house Coys. On July 11, 2015 Now is the official car of Captain Nemo ( Sean Connery ) from the blockbuster " The League of Extraordinary Gentleman " will be sold to the highest bidder.

From fire engine to the film heroes

In addition to the former James Bond actor played a behemoth called Nautilus the automobile lead role in the film of 2003. Before the car, however, became a movie star, it eked out an existence as a Land Rover Fire Truck. To make a good impression on the canvas, the exterior and the interior were retreaded: was left, for the time being only the steel framework which was equipped with a befitting Rover V8 engine. The body is made of fiberglass and painted ivory. For this purpose, applications join in an artificially aged golden color. The interior was mainly leatherette used. The valves used come from the original donor vehicle.

A tremendous result

The result of the conversion work by the artistic director of the film, Carol Spier, is a six-wheeled, 6.62 meters long, 2.80 meters wide and 1.40 meters high car colossus. Each of the wheels of Nautilus measures mighty 28 inches ( 72 centimeters ). Behind them lies a hydraulic suspension for height adjustment of the car. In addition, Nautilus is of course fully roadworthy.

Nautilus is an exhibition piece

After the shooting Nemo was extravagant company cars for a few years part of a major film props Collection of " Prop Store " in London. Now Sean Connery will be auctioned giant vehicle. An exhibit will remain the same, for a street legal for the ivory - monster does not exist. Nevertheless, the auction house expects a sale price 25000-35000 euros . (ml)