'Murdoch in race for presidency Tesla

James Murdoch, son of mediamagnaat Rupert Murdoch, is in the race for president to be at Tesla. That writes the business daily Financial Times on the basis of statements of insiders.

Tesla recently came as part of a settlement with beurswaakhond SEC agree that ceo Elon Musk as chairman, is retiring. The beurstoezichthouder accused him of fraud by on Twitter to mention about a privatisation of Tesla and thus investors on the wrong foot. Musk remains, however, the ceo of Tesla.

Murdoch is now the boss at his father's company, 21st Century Fox. In the search for a new, independent superintendents fell in the air previously, the name of the former U.s. vice president Al Gore. Even the former boss of Boeing, Jim McNerney and Alan Mulally, Ford ruled at that time, were called.