More than 500 hp racing Penalty for customer sport

Stuttgart, May 19, 2015

A single-seat racing car for the customer sport GT3 series was designed Porsche. The more than 500-hp 911 GT3 R is based on the series model 911 GT3 RS.

All panes of plastic

Was acquired by the production car the double-bubble roof. The opposite the old GT3 R by 8.3 centimeter lengthened wheelbase provides better weight distribution and a slight predictable cornering. Lightweight makes it possible to improve the center of gravity significantly. The roof, front cover and front section, fenders, doors, side and rear portion and the rear lid are made ​​of carbon fiber composite material ( CFRP ). All disks ?? even the first time the windscreen ?? made of polycarbonate.

Four liter engine almost unchanged

Driven the new 911 GT3 R is powered by a four-liter six-cylinder boxer engine, which is largely identical to the series unit. The force of the rear motor is transmitted to the 31-centimeter-wide rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox claws. It is shifted via paddles on the steering wheel. Even with the aerodynamics of the newcomer follows the model of the road vehicle. The Radhausentlüftungen on the front fenders raise the output forward. The two-meter wide and 40 centimeters deep rear spoiler ensures the aerodynamic balance. From the big brother of the 911 RSR GT3 R accepts the concept of centrally arranged radiator. The elimination of the side radiator allows better focus and an optimized exhaust guide.

brakes upgrade

The braking system has been optimized and is due to better stiffness and more precise control of the ABS even better for long-distance races. At the front, six-piston aluminum monobloc racing calipers, in combination with internally ventilated, slotted steel brake discs with 380 mm in diameter for the delay. At the rear axle features four-piston calipers and discs with 372 mm are installed. In favor of the safety of the safety tank has been strengthened. It has a fuel cut-off safety valve. The doors and the side windows are removable. The escape hatch in the roof was enlarged. The new racing seat provides the pilot in case of impact better protection. The 911 GT3 R is available to order for 510 510 euros and will begin shipping in December 2015 ( sl )