More space and luxury in the XFL

Beijing, 26 April 2016

At the Auto China, taking place from April 25 to May 4, 2016 in Beijing, Jaguar introduces the XFL tailored specifically for the Chinese market. Based on the since autumn 2015 available XF the XFL represents a premium chauffeur limousine.

Luxury features

Can the passengers in the rear of 11.6 centimeters more knee to 14 centimeters now 3.10 m extended wheelbase and 15.7 cm benefit more legroom. More chrome was used for the Chinese customers door handles and side skirts. Furthermore the tailpipes are now flush to the rear bumper. An enlarged panoramic roof floods the Interior upon request with light. Electric roller blinds provide a sufficient privacy for the roof, the sides and the rear window. Especially people with allergies should benefit from the ionization of the interior air for the first time in a Jaguar.

Comfortable Fund

The Fund is very comfortable with heated and coolable seats. Also a massage function is on board. Folding tables and screens are built into the front seats. Infotainment possibilities can be called on the eight-inch displays. The tone is placed over wireless headphones on the ears of passengers. New is also the so-called "clear exit detection". It warned a passenger who wants to get off on the side of the car facing away from the curb, with an acoustic signal when from behind a vehicle dangerous should approach.

Three engines with up to 300 HP

The XFL is delivered in China with three gasoline engines, providing between 200 and 300 HP. The top engine is the supercharged V6, which is also available in Germany in the XF. The XFL at the plant will be built by Chery Jaguar Land Rover in the Chinese Changhsu. Because foreign manufacturers in China are allowed to work not self-sufficient, Jaguar Land Rover has entered into a joint venture with Chery. The XFL is the first Jaguar, which is being built in China. So that prices can be kept competitive, since the high import duties. (mf)