More security, new gasoline engine

Cologne, 7 February 2017

Least not really looking at it it, but the Toyota Yaris is available in its third generation since end of 2011 on the European market. 2014, there was the last major facelift came in which also the ominous (and pretty ubiquitous) X-design grille on the front of the Yaris. Age and Grill seem to have damaged the small Japanese does not in the least, because at least in Western Europe, sales rose last year by 6.5 percent to 208,000 units. Now they sent the polo match for 2017 again thoroughly on Spa. The light optical defusing joined a larger security package, more customization options, as well as a new 1.5 liter gasoline engine. An unexpectedly sharp sports Yaris is also in the starting blocks.

900 new parts

Toyota has invested in the Yaris-OP all 90 million euros. Hard-line 900 new parts have been out. The front now no longer even so looks X detention, there are new headlamp and deeper building aprons. The lifted Yaris is still significantly easier to recognize which is mainly because of the new and much larger tail lights at the rear. They glow in the future with LED technology in the higher equipment. It is also very essential for a small car in the year 2017 allow customize themselves to death. Toyota reacts with the possibility of a two painting. Say: If you want to get the roof, all the pillars and the mirrors in the future also in contrasting black.

New TFT instrument display

Inside, there is the usual model care-ABC new colours, seat covers and a few modified materials. Small Tip: The air vents look different now, the steering wheel is a little piano lacquer and the instruments were modernized. Between continue analog displays for speedometer and tachometer now sits a 4.2 inch TFT display. Oh, Yes, those who opt for the two-finish, get the tuned combination of colors in the Interior. But it is much more important: Toyota has saddled up neatly with the assistance systems. So now even the basic version has the so-called "Toyota safety sense" with emergency brake assist, high beam, and lane. Higher trim levels get Additionally a traffic sign recognition.

New 111 PS petrol engine

Driving dynamics of the Toyota Yaris may 2017 also a little more than before. Revised shock absorbers ensure according to Toyota for lower rolling movements as well as for an improved suspension comfort. Also, the electric power steering to communicated better what so everything down there on the road. Drive side, a new 1.5 litre four-cylinder petrol replaced the old 1.33-liter unit. The performance goes from 99 to 111 HP, the torque by 124 to 136 Newton metres. The new machine runs a high compression ratio of 13.5: 1 and can go from the petrol in the Atkinson cycle. Consumption by 12 percent to 4.7 litres to fall with CVT transmission. Also the new engine 6 c. euro already meets Most popular source of propulsion should stay but still hybrid. In Germany, currently just under 60 percent of Yaris customers opt for the 100-HP gasoline engine electric combined. Thanks to a new motor suspension and an improved drive shaft, he should run hybrid now quieter and less vibration. As usual, the consumption is at 3.3 liter.

Sports-Yaris with 210 HP

For all the hot hatch fans, Toyota has still a very special ACE in the sleeve. Analog to the resumption of the WRC rally engagement, the Japanese bring a properly sharpened sports Yaris with "more than 210 PS". He is rumored to say after the rally team "Yaris Gazoo". More to the new thorn in the side of Ford Fiesta ST and Renault Clio r.s. there probably at the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19). There are also the normal versions of the Yaris lifted. Market launch is then in the summer 2017. Prices are modelled relatively strongly in the past. (black & white)