More barbecue, more power

Affalterbach/Detroit, January 9, 2017

2017, AMG will celebrate its 50th anniversary. According to massively, the Affalterbacher will blow away this year on the plaster. A hybrid Hypercar with to the 1,000 HP is foregone, in-house AMG GT Supersport but gives the go-ahead for the anniversary festivities. At the Detroit Auto Show (8 to 20 January 2017) the Swabia show the first face lift in its V8 Monster. Also the model range to the sharper AMG GT C is Coupé extends, in the future between GT S (522 PS) and GT sits R (585 HP). The GT family grows to six variants. You have now the choice between the standard GT and GT Roadster, the slightly more powerful GT S, the much more powerful GT C and GT C Roadster and the totally abstruse GT R.

Mega-Grill now for all AMG GT

A facelift after just two years? It may seem unusual, but the super sports car world revolves faster than ever and fails the facelift for the AMG GT also not necessarily groundbreaking. Most evident signs for the GT year 2017 is the much-discussed Pan Americana grille, which premiered recently in the GT-Roadster variants and the brutal GT R. Now the 15 vertical struts are therefore at the forefront of every AMG GT to see. From the top model GT R wanders also an active air control system in the bow of the normal GT versions. Slats in the lower part of the front bumper are controlled as needed by an electric motor, depending on whether less air resistance (normal mode) or maximum cooling capacity are required. In the course of which the clever engineers have put even the engine oil cooler in the wheel arches. For this, the main radiator sits now front.

Twin-Turbo V8 still stronger

Significantly more interest is likely but undoubtedly the optimization of the 4.0 liter Twin-Turbo V8. In the "entry-level" AMG GT, the shear - and sound-huge Achtender now puts it in 476 HP and 630 Newton metres. 14 HP and 30 Newton meters are more than before. When GT makes S future 522 HP and 670 nm. An increase of twelve Horsepower and 20 nm. For the GT S are there charges now also the rear axle steering from the GT R. Some new equipment packages (say: more chrome, carbon or high-gloss black), new wheels and a track app complete the small GT facelift.

New AMG GT C Coupé with 557 PS

The AMG GT c. is new to the program At the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2016 those responsible to AMG boss Tobias Moers dragged the Roadster version in the spotlight already, the Coupé is now at the NAIAS in Detroit. Some technology goodies such as the wider rear axle and the active rear wheel steering takes over the GT he also inherits C from the radical big brother GT R. whose friendly out back. Total swells the buttocks to the normal AMG GTs by 57 millimeters in width. As at the GT C Roadster increases the performance of the Twin-Turbo V8 on 557 HP and 680 Newton metres. Despite the lush 1,700 kilograms live weight enough for a 0-100 km/h – time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 317 km/h. The standard consumption stands at 11.4 litres. As at Mercedes-AMG, the potent new addition with a neat Special Edition is introduced. Due to the upcoming anniversary hears them on the name 'Edition 50' and offers special paint colors, surface finishes and interior details. The prices for the lifted and new GT models AMG did not comment yet. (black & white)