Modeljaarupdate for Nissan Maxima

Nissan will conduct a series of small changes to the Maxima. The here is not available sedan is publieksdebuut next month during the Los Angeles Auto Show in the United States.

The North American branch of Nissan, one photo of the updated Maxima. Nissan speaks of a 'fresh new look' for the sedan, but in reality, it remains most with the old.

In 2015 presented Maxima thus get to see the custom headlights, which are not only darker, but also classified differently. We expect that the lighting at the rear in a similar manner, refreshed. Further fits Nissan bumpers at both the front and the rear. Nissan speaks itself about the advent of new safety systems. More information will follow in the run-up to the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of next month to start.

The Maxima is the largest sedan that Nissan in the United States of america offers. The sedanlijst starts with the Versa, a car the Sentra and the Altima above must tolerate. The Maxima is with the length 4,90 metres the largest of the bunch. The starting price is currently converted approximately to € 29,000. For that amount you get a 3.5-liter V6 under the hood a 300-hp supplies.