Model care remains under 800 kg with Lotus Lotus Elise Sprint

Lotus Elise Sprint remains under 800 kg

The Lotus Elise Sprint has been maintained for this year model. In addition to light external retouch the Interior was completely redesigned, where the open switching mechanism, sport 350 was introduced in the exige, represents a special eye-catcher. The model revision aimed to reduce weight even further. With the new model, Sprint, which 41 kilograms has slimmed down compared to the predecessor series, Lotus now below a dry weight of 800 kg.

© LotusLotus Elise Sprint. The Elise Sprint is (as the sport) with 1.6-liter-suction - and a 1.8-liter supercharged engine available, the 118 kW / 160 HP / 162 kW / 220 HP mobilize. The new model is located between the sport and the top model Elise Cup 250. The standard lightweight components of Elise Sprint are among others a lithium ion battery, saves nine kilograms with the six kilos lighter carbon sport seats and five kilograms lighter forged aluminum wheels.

© LotusLotus Elise Sprint. The front cover, which are roll cover and hood made of carbon and the rear window from polycarbonate, which lowers the weight more six kilograms. Total savings are with these components when compared to the previous sports and sports a impressive 26 kg 220 models. In combination with the other improvements introduced in the entire Elise model series, drops the weight (dry) on 798 kg. This is noticeable in an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds for the Elise Sprint or 4.5 seconds for the Elise Sprint 220 with 1.8-liter engine.

© LotusLotus Elise Sprint. The changes to the body of the entire series - as a lightweight front bumper with larger air intakes and power Grill - new look ensures a more aggressive appearance and 8.7 kilogram less weight. The newly designed cross media panel at the rear has two instead of four tail lights and absorbs the reversing and rear fog lamp. This saves more 300 grams and the rear design is wider. Enlarged rubber elements on the flat underbody and the front wheel change the airflow under the vehicle, which reduces drag and increases the stability along with an additional diffuser wing at the rear.

The delivery of the new generation of Elise begins in April, in May the 62-600-Euro Cup 250 made its debut then. Prices start at 40 800 euro for the sport, there is the Sprint from 47 300 euro. (ampnet/jri)