Misleading Mega E-class?

Stuttgart, 31. July 2017

Even though it is the official unveiling is now more than a week, enthusiasts of the E-class All-Terrain 4x42 still like the Photoshop art of a very talented Mercedes. But so it is, of course. The rough-and-ready wagon is as real as it gets and we can't thank E-class-development engineer Jürgen Eberle't enough for this crazy thing actually exists. It could, however, come even better: The "SUV-antidote" may have a serious Chance at a real life. Apparently, it will be discussed within the group is serious about building a small-scale.

For the first time, portal axle plus a multi-link axle

The announced Eberle in an Interview with Australian magazine Motoring. The enterprising Mercedes engineer explained that he owns a Patent for the connection of a portal axle with multi-link. The All-Terrain 4x42 keep at all extremes of the axes of the E-class station wagons.

A Lot Of Support

The complex transformation was anything other than a One-Man-Show. After initial difficulties, Eberle was supported by some of his colleagues. In addition, Mercedes introduced a Budget. More than 20 people from various departments joined forces to the E-class All-Terrain 4x42 reality. In the said Interview Eberle revealed, moreover, that it is technically feasible to bring the Kombi off-road-Monster in production. Apparently, there were very positive reactions from Mercedes-responsibility from various countries.

Eberle is confident

Now Eberle heads must play the game. Eberle himself is quite confident that the craziest T-model of all time series in the (Small). Presumably, it would also be significantly cheaper than the three portal beach the most Hardcore G-classes of G 63 6x6, G 500 4x42, and Maybach G 650 Landaulet. With a ground clearance of 42 (!) Centimeters, the XXL-track width, and all of the G-class-proven Hardware would be the All-to stop Terrain 4x42 but probably just as difficult.(sw)