Mini-mobile mini security

Brussels (Belgium), 7 April 2016

Usually examine the experts of the Organization of crash test EuroNCAP safety of ordinary passenger cars. But how safe are actually Minicompact, which have a much smaller crumple zone and bring very little safety equipment? It asked the technician and have undertaken four city fleas.

Test candidates offer little security

Examined Aixam crossover GTR, Bajaj Qute, Chatenet CH30 and Microcar M.GO family. On each Minimobil the experts carried out two tests: a frontal collision at 50 km/h against a deformable barrier with full coverage and a side impact of a deformable barrier at 50 km/h. For each test, a vehicle can achieve up to 16 points. It determines a star rating with up to five stars. But none of the four mini mobile scored more than two of them. 2014 already had shown that Minicompact at safety with normal cars are comparable. At that time, the experts had the Renault Twizy, the Tazzari zero, the 2 + 2 of Spideray35 LSV club car and the Ligier IXO JS line four-seater tested with results between zero and two stars. The hope from EuroNCAP for improved safety at Kleinstfahrzeugen now burst in the current test run.

Air bag air number

For the buyer, the city fleas look like city car and compete with these. They are sometimes more expensive than similar-sized used cars, to EuroNCAP. But the small vehicles are subject to the same regulations as cars, in particular they must pass not crash tests before they can be sold. And their crash safety is significantly lower than with equal-sized vehicle. Is the M.GO Microcar from Ligier the only option offered a driver's airbag for the. But the bag is a number of air he proved himself at the crash tests ineffective for driver protection. EuroNCAP Chief Michiel van Ratingen thinks: "simple changes might significant improvements result, without weight or cost would rise strongly. Environmental reasons are no excuse for unsafe vehicles. That is why EuroNCAP calls again, that gives priority to safety in small four-wheeled vehicles." (sl)