Mini in the blue-light use

Munich, 5. February 2018

Since the long past days of the "radio patrol Isar 12" in your powerful BMW Baroque angel, you know that the police in Munich has a soft spot for a particular car. Now this Tradition was continued with a Mini Cooper.

PR instead of chase

Although the small car with the signal system, radio and telephone equipment for the police service is well prepared, but his profession is public Relations. Since 2001, each current Mini-lures-model to catch the eye of the visitors to the Munich police. This also makes the new blue-light-Cooper sense, finally, the shipment of bad boy in the three-door is rather less subject to entertainment tax.

A country will be blue

In addition, the Mini Cooper shows the new look of the Bavarian police cars. Instead of Green/White, respectively, Green/silver is now Blue/silver with neon yellow accents fashionable. In Parallel, officials from the green changing to dark blue uniforms.(rh)