Mercedes is bringing the C-class Facelift

Stuttgart, 14. February 2018

A bit Tight, a bit Smooth, once damp by wiping and then re-furnish. Mercedes combines the beauty-OP with spring cleaning. The Swabians miss the C-class a Facelift. The big news first: the motors do nothing. Anyway, Mercedes is losing (so far) not a word about it. At the present time, we assume that the C-class will be motorized, and that these motors gain their energy from the Burning of fossil fuels. And out of power. The Hybrid will also remain the same. Otherwise, the changes are subtle. For example, in the light: Halogen lamps are series, however, optional Multibeam LEDs are now available. In each spot 84 individually-controllable LEDs, which allow electronically controlled adjustment of the light on the current traffic situation sit. The lamps themselves have also been redesigned and now have the functions intersection, light, circle, traffic light, city light, and off-road light.

The innovations are in the Detail

The outside of the diamond grill of the AMG-Line is one of the novelties. In addition, the front bumper all the interior was designed variants. Now you probably think: "Wow, this is some hot Shit! There are still more tiny, almost insignificant changes?" But Hello! The front has the bumper with either a silver trim strip (series), a chrome trim strip (in combination with Avantgarde exterior) or a three-piece chrome strip (Exclusive of the exterior).

Now, with the pneumatic Seats

Important this point is on the new products list: Limousine and T-model will be in the new colours of the Mojave silver metallic and emerald green metallic. We recommend Green. A little color never hurt. Who bothers with Green at the small amount of silver, it can still take silver. By the way: The Start-stop button was re-designed and now has a turbine look. Oh wow! What could be really good, especially for all of the back suffering, is the new multi-contour seat package. By means of an electrically driven pneumatic pump the side bolsters and the lumbar support can be individually adjusted. For a massaging effect in the lumbar area pulsate air chambers in wave-like movements on the back. The pneumatic functions of the seat are operated via the Multimedia System.

For the first time with a 16:9 Display

The display concept, Mercedes accesses to the S-class shelf. The new, digital 12.3-inch instrument Display can be played in three different styles (Classic, sports, and Progressive). On request, this includes for the first time, a high-resolution Central screen in 16:9 Format with a 10.25-inch screen diagonal and a resolution of 1,920 x 720 pixels. In the case of assistance features, Mercedes is pouring pretty much everything about the C-class, it's just. However, the last E and S-class. In the case of the C-class are the Sensors new or revised, and an active brake assist is standard on Board.

A small E-class

Summarized: The gefaceliftete C-class can do everything, what could the old one – only better. So, in principle, as the E-class. That sounds pretty good, we had nevertheless expected a bit more (MBUX? Any new engines?). Mainly, because even Mercedes describes the C-class as an important high-volume model. In 2017 have been sold worldwide over 415.000 models. This raises the question: Where are the drives with kryptonite-Einspriz and the Parking assistant via telekinesis? Well, maybe what is to come.(dh)