Mercedes GLC F-Cell

Frankfurt, 12. September 2017

A year ago, Mercedes presented at the Paris auto salon the GLC F-Cell. At the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017) are now see several pre-production models of the cars. It is not a normal fuel-cell car, but a Plug-in Hybrid can also recharge at the outlet.

Electric engine with 200 HP

The fuel cell Stack was developed in the framework of a Joint Venture with Ford. He finds in the engine room. In the vehicle floor, two gas tanks, which will save about 4.4 pounds of hydrogen with a pressure of 700 bar. That's enough for about 440 kilometers. The filling process takes through the high-pressure just for three minutes – not longer than a car with a combustion engine. The 440 kilometres of hydrogen-is the range of 49 kilometres of pure electric range. The Lithium-ion battery in the rear stores of 13.8 kilowatt-hours (gross). On a 7.2-Kilowatt Onboard charger, it can be at the normal hasuhalt socket, a Wallbox or a public charging station to be charged. In the case of utilization of the maximum charging power, the charging process takes about 1.5 hours. As drive an electric motor in the rear with 147 kW (200 HP) and a torque of 350 Newton meters is used.

Four "Modes Of Operation"

In addition to the normal driving modes that affect the behavior of the car, can control the F-Cell to four different "modes of operation", with which the driver of the Interplay between fuel cell and battery. In mode Hybrid, which will be operated in the optimum efficiency range, the power peaks covers the battery. At F-Cell, the state of charge of the batteries is held by the fuel cell is constant, the electric range to keep. In the mode, Battery, the car drives alone with energy from the battery is the ideal mode for short distances. In the mode, Batch, finally, the Loading of the high-voltage battery priority charging, for example, the battery in front of a hydrogen refueling for maximum range. The mode also creates reserves for mountain trips or in a very dynamic Driving. In all operating modes the System is equipped with a recuperation function.

The Reduced Size Of The Trunk

Because of the Tanks of the GLC F-Cell has a small stage in the back and a slightly upwards-shifted rear seat. Automatic climate control system with Preconditioning, as well as heated seats and mirrors are Standard. In cold weather the vehicle will use the waste heat of the fuel cell. The series vehicle is equipped at the front with coil springs and at the rear axle with a single-chamber air suspension with automatic level control. There is no Change in the compression and rebound paths also takes place during loading.

Holey Infrastructure

The F-Cell is to be manufactured like, the normal GLC in Bremen. However, a concrete date for the start of series production of the Mercedes remains guilty. Anyway, a hydrogen car is not currently a lot of sense, as there is in the tank. By the end of 2018, the network will grow to at least 100 stations – of which only a part of 700-bar technology. By 2023, a network of "up to 400" hydrogen gas stations.(sl)