Mercedes-camper-van, with a fuel cell

Hamburg, 3. July 2018

A eco-friendly thinking Couple at the age of about 55 years, whose children are already out of the house, and what it wants to experience: So Mercedes introduces the customers of his new Concept of the Sprinter F-Cell, a fuel cell camping mobile. We have seen the vehicle in Hamburg.

Fuel cell, especially for heavy vehicles

In General, the fuel cell is, according to Mercedes, especially for heavy vehicles (such as trucks or buses) or for long journeys, which go beyond the range of electric vehicles. But also for niche applications, such as the RV of the environment would be friendly drive in. The technology of the new study comes largely from the Mercedes GLC F-Cell, whose recent Version of 2017 was presented at the IAA. Under the hood of the fuel cell Sprinter is the so-called Stack, which here consists of 412 fuel cells is mainly. From the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen with ambient air, it generates a electrical power of 75 kW.

530 Kilometers Of Range

The hydrogen for the fuel cell is carried in four gas cylinders, three in the lower floor and one in the rear. The 7.4 pounds of hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bar-enough for a range of 500 kilometers. Add to that a battery that delivers an additional 30 kilometers of range, if they are charged at the domestic Wallbox. The study, therefore, is (also) a Plug-in-Hybrid – in addition to hydrogen and electricity can be fueled. The electric motor on the rear axle makes 147 kilowatts (200 HP) and 350 Newton metres of torque available.

Own power to produce

An advantage of the fuel-cell technology, according to Mercedes, is that you can't get emissionslos in conservation areas, but there is also energetically self-sufficient: You can emissionslos produce their own electricity and use it for the electric grill or similar use. The fuel cell should sprinters be about 200 pounds heavier than a comparable vehicle with a combustion engine. How much more so a living could mobile costs, says Mercedes. But the car is only a study, and a series production is likely to be far away. Anyway, around 50 hydrogen filling stations are only available in Germany.(sl)