Mega-Mustang a Retro Look

Los Angeles (USA), 7. May 2018

We think we all agree that the Ford Mustang is a classic, especially the first Generation, which came out in 1964 on the market. It is the benchmark for Pony cars, and definitely a Must-have for lovers. So much So that Ford licensed even the Oklahoma-based company "Classic Recreations", in order to build the first turnkey versions of the legendary Boss 302, the Boss 429 and Mach 1 Mustangs.

Been through the wringer

If you are the recreated versions, however, are not good enough (and you can dig deep in the bag), then Timeless Kustoms of Los Angeles has just the thing: a 1965 Mustang was brought back to its original glory and modified. However, far more than the Original, to be honest.

The Original is not much

The "Vicious Mustang" is an amazing work of art, which was modified by his insane exterior-Kits to its red interior and the massive 5.2-Liter Aluminator engine from Ford Performance. In fact, you could argue that the Changes are too much of a Good thing, because "Autotopia" (the Garage, the Vicious Mustang) mentioned that the only thing that was taken from the original model from 1965, his A-pillar.

Power to the hilt

Nevertheless, the final product is sick: The over-the-top V8 produces an incredible output of over 1,000 HP. The Vicious Mustang is fitted with a Magnuson MP2300 TVS supercharger for low-rpm, then runs on precision ball bearings-Biturbo at higher speeds.

A case for better earning

Even with this powertrain, the Vicious Mustang is street legal. Further modifications offered by Timeless Kustoms, brakes are the six-speed sequential transmission EMCO CG46, the triple-adjustable coilovers from Art Morrison Enterprises and 15.5-inch Brembo Carbon-ceramic. The total cost of this complete restoration/modification amount to a Million dollars. You don't say we didn't warn you.(rh)