Mega-convertible Maybach

Monterey (USA), 19. August 2017

One of the highlights for car lovers, the "Monterey Car Week" in California, by the 15. up to 20. August 2017. Her coronation on the last day of the Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance. Before the beach backdrop, Mercedes had presented in the past year, the gigantic Mercedes-Maybach 6. Now the Cabrio follows the version of the study.

Under a tremendous amount of power

She listens to the name "Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet" and is available in both the dimensions as well as the drive with the closed variant of the same. That means four electric motors, one flat battery under the floor and have a total output of 550 kilowatts, according to 750 HP. As a range of over 500 kilometres to be placed in the room. With up to 350 kilowatts of charging power to be saved within five minutes of electricity for 100 kilometres. Enough batteries fit into with a view to the enormous magnitude of the car's locker. A length of 5.70 meters meets a width of 2.10 meters and a height of 1.34 meters.

Huge Wheels

The two-seater is intended to remind, according to the Mercedes at the time of the hand-crafted, exclusive convertibles. Chief designer Gorden Wagener speaks of an increase of "modern luxury to the ultimate in luxury". Visually striking, the dark blue paint and the extremely long bonnet. Chrome strips sitting on the fender edge and the center of the rear cover. A very good impression with 24-inch alloy wheels and the long spout end of the stern in the Yacht-style. Finally, woven into the fabric top Roségoldfäden.

A great Maybach?

Interior Mercedes mix-Maybach white nappa leather in a diamond pattern with a Mix of digital and analog instruments. On the front window two Head-up Displays, biometric Sensors capture the frame of mind and state of health of the passengers. Increases the blood pressure of some of the millionaires now? The future of the two Maybach studies is open. But Mercedes knows that to bring in the buyers of the extremely Wealthy a lot of money. Those millionaires and billionaires want to stand out aware. A jazzed up S-class, as Mercedes-Maybach, so far, not enough. BMW shows how to do it: Here is the luxurious 7 series, the ultimate in ostentatious Rolls-Royce Phantom. The dimensions of the Phantom are similar to the two Maybach studies. But Mercedes should have learned from the Flop of the standalone Maybach looked too much like S-class. Long speech, short sense: Exactly so we will not see the Super-sixes, but the idea behind it.(rh)