Mega-beetles of Memminger

Reichertshofen, 12. April 2018

How could a VW beetle of the Modern look? Although VW itself has brought the New Beetle and the Beetle on the market, but they are actually just a Golf with a Retro body. A boxer engine in the rear: it must be beetles, white Georg Memminger. He restored with his company for many years, beetle convertibles and sedans in the series 1302/1303 on a new level. Now Memminger, with the Roadster 2.7 is a very special fragrance brand.

The beetle's new clothes

On a first glance, the Memminger Roadster 2.7 looks like a VW beetle Cabriolet from the 1970s. However, even laymen can immediately see that this beetle is completely different. It starts with the re-drawn body: Two - instead of four-seater, massive humps behind the Seats and instead of a high top build a stylistically similar Spoiler. The body uses a steel tube frame.

Shorter, but much wider

A comparison of data with the VW 1303 Cabriolet from 1973 shows the differences: 4,04 meters of the Memminger Roadster 2.7 is a good seven inches shorter, while the wheelbase of 2.44 meters is roughly equivalent to the beetle. A significant increase in the width, it grows to around 15 inches to 1.72 meters. Add to that a particularly in the back bigger track. In the wheel arches, 18-inch wheels with size 225 tyres front and 255ern the rear. The suspension uses spring struts with a reinforced hub carriers at the front and reinforced trailing arms in the rear.

Strong Boxer

Heart and partial namesake of the Memminger Roadster 2.7 a in-house developed engine type-4-basic (better known as VW 411/412). The air-cooled four-cylinder Boxer engine with catalytic Converter and manifold injection get 210 HP from a 2.7 Liter displacement and delivers 247 Newton meters of maximum torque. A five-speed gearbox transmits the power. And what is this going to cost? For this purpose it is not expressed at Memminger, and informs only that it was depending on the built number. A maximum of 20 copies of the Mega-beetle.(rh)