McLaren Senna GTR Concept

Geneva (Switzerland), 7. March 2018

800 HP, 800 Newton metres of torque, 2.8 seconds to 100 kph and a price of 922.250 Euro: so Far, we thought of McLaren, Senna could not be topped. However, the British see things differently and show at the Geneva auto salon 2018 (8. to 18. March) the mad Senna GTR Concept.

Racing version in small edition

Behind the McLaren of Senna GTR Concept is a pure-bred racing version, of the from 2019, up to 75 copies Hand-built. The basis of the same carbon-fiber structure, such as the Senna. The dry weight of 1.2 tons will also remain the same. However, the performance grows to a minimum of 825 HP, the output of up to 1,000 kilograms are in a conversation.

Wider Optics

Also, of course, a lot of the shape is changed, including a wider track and new fenders. The front splitter is much larger than that of the streets-Senna, in addition to a monstrous rear diffuser. The Windows are retractable, there is only a "ticket opening" made of polycarbonate. With the match in a racing transmission, a revised suspension and Slick tires from Pirelli.(rh)