McLaren change race

Woking (UK), April 10, 2017

Who once slipped with his toy cars by SIKU or Matchbox over the carpet, can understand it: already in childhood, embossed shapes down to certain brands. From this point of view, this move by McLaren is cleverly thought out: after the P1 now comes new 720 S as a LEGO Kit.

For small and big kids

Although the blocks athletes must waive the eponymous 720 Horsepower from a twin turbo V8, but the knowledge around the tip of 341 km/h should stimulate the imagination of small 720S-Besitzer. Can be assembled from the age of seven years. The so-called "speed champions' series of Lego sets less detail fanatic, but mounting so can playing after threesome.

Designer Pack

One year the LEGO Design Department, to the curves needed to bring the 720S in an appealing form of blocks. The set is rounded off by the miniature figure of a designer together with coffee mugs and character table, on which is a sketch of the 720 S. In Germany, it is available from 1 June 2017. So far, only the British price of 12.99 pounds is known. We expect the 14,99 Euro, the the other "speed champions" sets cost in this country. There's also the new Bugatti Chiron for an exciting race from the same series. The little McLaren is always cheaper than the original: A real 720S at least 247.350 euros. (rh)