McLaren 600LT: A new Longtail

Woking (UK), 28. June 2018

The new McLaren 600LT is the successor of the 675LT. Like its predecessor, it is designed for both the street and track. The new long-tail model has body compared to 570S, a 74 mm long. In addition, the 600LT features an extended front splitter, an extended rear diffuser and a fixed rear wing. Overall, the 600LT differs at about a quarter of the parts from the 570S coupe.

600 instead of 570 HP

In the centre of the development of weight were savings. With a dry weight of 1,247 pounds of 600LT is 96 pounds lighter than a 570S coupe. He has in addition to a Carbon Monocoque, a new Carbon-fibre bodywork. You ensure, together with the large rear diffuser and the Spoiler for a particularly high output. For the drive of a 3.8-Liter twin-turbo V8 as the 570S. He brings 600 HP and 620 Newton meters. An increase of 30 HP and 20 Newton metres more than the 570S. With the previous 675LT (with 675 HP, as the Name says) can't keep up with the car, of course, in terms of performance.

Unique Exhaust System

The newcomer receives the double wishbone suspension made of forged aluminum, and the lightweight brake system of the second Generation of the McLaren Super Series. Add to that a particularly direct steering, better response from throttle and brake, and improved engine mounts. A special feature is the exhaust system with upward tail pipes. It is located virtually directly behind the shoulder of the driver – so he can enjoy the sound of the V8 in full. Inside, there are standard Carbon racing Seats from the McLaren P1, and optionally the even lighter carbon fiber seats from McLaren Senna are available.

Starting in October 2018

The production of the 600LT Coupé is scheduled to begin in October 2018. After 12 months, you will be stopped. So the car is likely to be significantly less than its siblings from the Sports Series. Like the predecessor, the 675LT, the 600LT is mounted in the English Woking by Hand. The 600LT coupe is now available for order. For the buyer, participate in a Track Day on a race track with expert driving instruction included. The price for the 600LT is 230.000 Euro. For comparison: The 570S coupe costs 208.975 Euro.

The fourth long-tailed model of the brand

The 600LT is the fourth long-tailed model of the brand. The beginning of McLaren F1 GTR "Longtail, made in 1997, the race car". This was a more advanced Version of the normal F1 GTR (racing version of the road sports car F1) with a particularly long tail. At the Geneva motor show 2015, the Name was revived long-tail with the introduction of the 675LT coupe. A Spider followed. Whether it will be from 600LT with a Spider, leaves McLaren.(sl)