Mazda's Vision Coupé: An Extreme Elegance

Tokyo (Japan), 25. October 2017

On your a home fair all of the Japanese car manufacturer. But the Highlight of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 (25. October to 5. November) brings Mazda to the Start: the curtain on the study "Vision coupe"!

Extreme Elegance

A lot of Concrete, Mazda design chief Ikuo Maeda, but to the viewer, two thoughts come spontaneously: This vehicle could also be a Aston Martin. And it is the four-door counterpart to the study RX-Vision, with the Mazda two years ago in Tokyo swoop. What Maeda-san to the Vision coupe says? First of all, you work for the next Generation of Mazda vehicles to a Look that was more elegant than anything Previous. The four-door study is a view of the addition of the "coupe" area refers to Mazda-legends such as the Luce of 1969 with a Wankel engine.

Minimalism in the Cockpit

What is striking is the long hood, similar to the 2015 RX-Concept, and pronounced wheel arches. Add to that a far, set-back cabin. Generally speaking, everything Unnecessary is omitted, which is especially noticeable in the Cockpit. From the wood-paneled Central tunnel, only a short gear lever, the three-spoke steering wheel and the round instruments towers are reminiscent of Italian sedans of the 1960s. Overall, the dashboard looks very symmetrical. Displays although there are too, but you don't build up to fill the full frame in front of the driver. Instead, they are only to touch the center console is active. Or, according to Mazda: As a Jockey, the caressing the neck of his horse. Eventually there will not be a production version of the Pet? To do this, Mazda has not commented yet. Conceivable, however, it appears that the upcoming Mazda takes 6 parts of the design.(rh)