Maybach shows limousines-SUV

Stuttgart/Beijing (China), 24. April 2018

At the Auto China in 2018 in Beijing (25. April to 4. - May) does the Mercedes-Maybach is something very, very Clever. It shows a car that is likely to put especially very solvent Chinese in ecstasy. The study Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury embodies everything that you love in the emerging Empire of the middle: it is an SUV AND a sedan. And it is huge.

Four electric motors, 750 HP

Oh yeah, pure electric is 5.26 meters long and 2.11-Meter-wide Crossover Run can drive, of course. Perhaps not in ordinary Parking garages, and fast food restaurant Drive-Throughs (to wide). Or in the field (24-inch wheels). But such shortcomings must take care of in this vehicle category, the Chauffeur. The is happy about a probably pretty hefty Bang, because of the Vision of Ultimate Luxury has four electric motors on Board. You bring it to 750 HP and even the ostentatious Maybach G 650 Landaulet in the shadows, its Biturbo V12 makes just 650 HP easy. Beautiful new electric world, so. Also, because the four compact E-units provide for a fully variable all-wheel drive.

Real 320 Km Range

No mention of the driving performance of this sumptuous vehicle for the Maybach, by the way. Only from one to 250 km/h limited top speed. However, we know of a 80-kWh battery under the floor and for about 500 km range. According to NEDC, of course. According to the American and significantly more practical EPA cycle, it is 320 kilometres. Loading the Vision of Ultimate Luxury, thanks to CCS Standards, with up to 350 kW. So you should have in five minutes with enough juice for 100 kilometers collected. But also inductive or a banal household power outlet you can bring the majestic style Mix to new forces.

The new Maybach optic

The Design of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury is linked in some way to the waste-drawn studies Maybach lavish 6 coupe and Maybach 6 Cabriolet from the years 2016 and 2017. Where other stainless forgings like Rolls-Royce (with the new Cullinan) or Bentley (with the Bentayga), however, classic SUV proportions, the Swabians, the ultimate Expression of All-Terrain luxury in an elevated sedan. Maybach sees this as "an interesting tension between sportiness and luxury." In addition, the typical SUV Seating position would correspond to the desire of many customers for a feeling of protection and security.

In the rear of the tea is drunk

Protect the interior of the Vision of Ultimate Luxury. Because it is not only unlikely to be exalted and high-tech organized, but also very, very white. To complete the level under the Windows of a width pulls ebony surface, the seat shells are coated with rose gold. The same is also found behind the seat of perforation, and in the quilting. The width of the center console pulls up behind the two First-Class rear-seat chair that are various are tilt-adjustable and an electrically extendable footrest. In the center console, even a heated is adjustable wooden tray made of ebony, which is equipped with a porcelain tea service. Tea instead of champagne, you see, to which part of the world this car is supposed to arrive. Nevertheless the interior shows where the journey is going in the future Maybachs.

IT is also in the Maybach

The dashboard itself is surprisingly reduced. A lot more than air vents (in the Form of the monumental radiator grille) and the S-class well-known Super-Display with two 12.3-inch screens, there isn't. As for the Infotainment, the latest Maybach-study on MBUX. The Mercedes-Benz-User-Experience celebrated in the new A-class Premiere and will also provide the Vision of the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury for all the latest in operator comfort. The Whole system is controlled by Touch or voice control. If it is, then, "Hey, Mercedes ..." or "Hey, Maybach...", unfortunately, is not known. The manufacturer promises that the Vision of Ultimate Luxury acts like a Butler, looking ahead, the music plays, which just fits to the mood or the appointment calendar of the stressed-out owner knows and the routes according to plans.

Still nothing shows plans

"The show car blends influences from the Western and far Eastern Hemisphere a delightful automobiles, cultural dialogue," says Maybach. If we see the Vision of Ultimate Luxury at some point in the series, says Maybach, unfortunately. The new 2019 published Mercedes GLS would be not a bad Basis for a lofty luxury SUV. Whether it will come up really as a limousine similar to therefore, you have to wait and see.(sw)