Maximum Morgan

Malvern Link ( United Kingdom ), 27 July 2015

Download Fresh vintage are becoming increasingly rare. An exception is the Morgan Plus 4. Apart from a few brief interruptions, he is visually constructed hardly changed since 1950. Exactly 65 years so what Morgan takes the occasion to launch a special model: the AR Plus. 4

Fit for the slopes

Normal Morgan Plus 4 makes 156 horsepower and weighs 927 kg. When AR ( the abbreviation stands for the racing department of Morgan ) Plus 4 is a two-liter engine from Cosworth to use. Its power is estimated at 225 bhp, converted are the 228 PS. But with the installation of the engine is not content themselves. Each of the cars will be assembled by hand and gets a specially tuned setup. The aim is to make the AR Plus 4 fit for the road and the racetrack. So there is a new suspension, adjustable dampers, a new braking system, a revised final drive ratio and a revised chassis.

limited edition

Externally graces unprocessed aluminum the car, how this measure reduces the weight, but it is not known. More attention has been paid with a view to reducing noise on the roof and the body. In addition, a redesigned dashboard. Almost futuristic affects the use of LED lights on the front and rear. Only 50 copies of the Morgan AR Plus 4 are to be built. In England the price is 54,995 pounds, which works out at around 77,600 euros . ( rh )