Luge renegade

Milan (Italy), 8 February 2017

There is only one place in the world where millionaires, CEOs and playboys berm on a sled downhill plunge: St. Moritz, Switzerland. There, the "Cresta run" is a highlight of the year since 1884. The 1.2 kilometre long route around 30 times per winter is operated on skeleton (so called sledging berm on the slide). Now, 130 years anniversary of its "St. Moritz tobogganing Club", short SMTC, there is a very special vehicle of brand Jeep.

Striking optics

Art collector and Playboy Gunter Sachs, who made the "Cresta run" to the meeting place of high society, would have liked the look of the unique Jeep Renegade, perhaps. It's a very eye-catching yellow red stripes, which was built in three phases. After a layer of paint in yellow, the later strips were precisely applied and covered before the red paint was added. The colour combination refers to the coat of arms of the SMTC.

Fine furniture

Inside the renegade noble presents itself: the seats are covered with a leather Alcantara mix, plus the yellow and red colours of the Club. Technically, the Jeep is unchanged. A 1.4 liter gasoline engine with 170 Horsepower is combined with all-wheel drive and an eight speed automatic transmission. That's enough for maximum 196 km/h. "Cresta Run" is too similar to afloat: the fastest points pace is reached 140. (rh)