Lotus bakonyi further down the Evora

Hethel (England), 26 February 2016

The "Lotus lightweight laboratory" has struck again. Just six months after the launch of the Evora 400 Lotus now presents the hardcore version of the vehicle: the sport of 410. The recipe is simple: weight down and performance up.

Carbon reduces the weight

The lightweight Division, which 350 successful diets prescribed for Elise Cup 250 and exige sports, could facilitate the Evora to about 70 kilograms. A newly developed carbon rear part will have the greatest effect. In the tradition of old Lotus race car, five parts in a single merged here. Also press everything from carbon front splitter, roof, Diffusor, seats and front service door weight. The parts reduce not only the extent, but increase also the pressure by about 15 percent. The new development of body parts could be also the geometry and damping of the suspension are revised and lowered the car about five millimeters.

Engine used in the 3-eleven

Under the new tail section strikes the same unit as in the new Lotus 3-eleven. The 3.5 liter six-cylinder supercharged engine makes at √Čvora correctly sports 410 410 HP and 410 nm. In conjunction with the weight of 1,325 kilograms, the Evora sprints in 4.1 seconds from standstill to 100 and then up to 300 km/h. On the Lotus test track at Hethel is the Evora sports 410 three seconds faster than the fastest Evora.

Spartan but beautiful

Standard lot Alcantara is fitted in the Interior. There's now one-piece door panels and armrests, door storage compartments, as well as the speakers fall away. Everything for the performance. The Lotus Evora sports 410 is limited to 150 copies in the year and rolls in June 2016 for the traders. Cost: 106.900 euro. (mf)