Long and luxury version

Shanghai, 3. November 2016

With two particularly luxurious new models of the S90 series Volvo would like to specially more the Chinese market. Also, the Swedish car manufacturer conducts a comprehensive relocation in the Middle Kingdom.

S90 long version

The Volvo S90 is in its normal form as it is to buy for a nice sedan. Now there are two new top models, which once put one on it: a long version and an especially noble S90 excellence. The former differs from the equipment produced by a normal S90, does not however have a longer wheelbase, how he is like used for chauffeur cars in China. The production of the long version begins in November 2016. which is driven extended S90 either by the T4, T5 or T8 units with 190, 254 or 407 HP.

S90 excellence

Also, the new S90 excellence will serve as driver version. The Interior differs significantly from those of conventional S90 models and the long version. A so-called "lounge"console was installed instead of the front passenger seat, which serves as a footrest and a work table with an entertainment system complete with large screen and Cup holders exit from the. "So we meet the demands of customers on a chauffeur's vehicle, where they relax and where they work," said Volvo Chief Thomas Ingenlath. Excellence Interior also has higher-quality materials than the normal S90. A refrigerator and Swedish Crystal glasses complete the luxurious ambience. The S90 excellence should be 2017 in China produced and exported to the whole world. Engine is offered exclusively the T8-twin-engine version with plug-in hybrid and 407 HP.

Three Volvo plants in China

With the presentation of two new variants of the S90, Volvo also announced that in the future all S90 models in the Volvo plant in Daqing in the Northeast are built China's. In addition, the company operates another work for the 60's series in West Chinese Chengdu. A third production plant for the 40s models is currently being built in Luqiao, some 350 kilometers south of Shanghai. "With three factories in China and each a series per plant, Volvo creates efficient production structures, provide the capacity for further growth," Volvo CEO HÃ¥kan Samuelsson said. The vehicles of the new brand Lynk & co., which is car like Volvo to Geely, and based on the same product architecture such as the 40 models of Sweden, are built in the future in Luqiao. (mf)