Limited quantities, but infinitely many logos

Stuttgart, 15 November 2016

The Maybach brand has a great tradition in Germany, but failed the 2002 attempted wake-up: Mercedes made no profit with the luxury cars and so the attempt was discontinued in the year 2013. Up on a small remnant: the name is now acting as the label for the long luxury versions of the S-class. On the Los Angeles Auto Show (18th to 24th November 2016) is now presented a S-class Cabrio "Brand" Mercedes Maybach: the S 650 convertible. It is limited to only 300 pieces and no longer as the first Maybach as the normal version.

Engine and gearbox of the AMG S 65

The car is basically a particularly classy equipped version of the S-class convertible. The designation S 650 suggests a special engine, but it is only to drive the Mercedes-AMG S 65 convertible. The word "only" but with caution is to read, because it's a stately Twin-Turbo V12 6.0 litre capacity and 630 HP with a torque of 1,000 nm. The 7 g-tronic is responsible for the power transmission to the rear axle as in the S 65. Also the air suspension is not applied, but in sporty interpretation as in the AMG model.

Other front and flashy wheels

With the Twin-Turbo V12, the car sprints in 4.1 seconds to 100. But rather is the facilities at the Centre and perhaps even more exclusivity for Mercedes. So the car is detected from the outside as a special feature, it gets another grille and enlarged lower air intake. The Maybach emblem was placed behind the front wheels. Maybach lettering on the skirts will be visible when you open the doors, to the logo on the road is projected. The unusually designed 20-inch wheels with its large plate-like aluminium surface around the hub around are striking.

New colour combinations and trims

For the Interior of the can buyer between nine additional combinations choose pastel yellow/black porcelain/saddle Brown. Even the leather seats "with waterfall-like perforations" are highlighted by the manufacturer, but the difference from the normal convertible seems to be not too great: the seats have a similar diamond quilted pattern which is interrupted as in the normal convertible flat surface only the arrangement of areas is different. The decorative parts, there is a new, reserved to the Maybach convertible version in "designo Magnolia nut Brown". In addition to the decorative parts on dashboard and door panels can be found in the Maybach version even one atop the roof box, and again with Maybach logo.

Many Maybach logo and much equipment

Brand logos can be found on the seat front (stitched), on the back of the headrests (embossed) as well as intarsia on the centre console storage lid. The lower portion of the steering wheel has a Maybach logo, the chrome font "1 of 300" graces the holder of the Cup. All special features of the S-class are convertible version of the Maybach as standard on board, including the wind flap on the front lens frame (AirCap), that extra cost head space heating AIRSCARF and the Swarovski headlights (with Adaptive LED technology), usually over 3,000 euros.

Matching pieces of luggage

Also a set of two travel bags belongs to the standard equipment. They are made of the same leather, are also the seats with the, so colour match to the selected variant of Interior. The bags can together be tied to better exploit the trunk. Also on the pockets a Maybach logo and chrome lettering ("1 of 300") may not be missing. The supplied fabric cover for the convertible (soft top color and with diamond quilting) has a Maybach logo. The key fob from the leather used in the vehicle is also a Maybach emblem and a "1 of 300"-logo. There's still a certificate signed by Daimler Chief Dieter Zetsche.

A dozen logos and lettering

The number of logos and lettering, which has accommodated Mercedes is amazing on the new vehicle. If we have counted correctly, around at least a dozen logos and lettering can be found on and in the car and that's why. On the market, the Mercedes Maybach S 650 Cabrio enters the spring 2017. The price is EUR 357,000. For comparison: the AMG S 65 convertible is there for 255.077 euro. (sl)