Lighter and more powerful

Hethel ( UK ), August 24, 2015

A normal Lotus Exige V6 Cup is too weak ( 350 hp ) to heavy ( 1174 kg ) and just not exclusive enough? The stage is set for the Lotus Exige Cup 360, a limited edition of 50 copies Exige special edition with new lightweight construction and a discreet Power Update.

More output, less weight

The chassis of the special model is made as with all Exige models made ​​of aluminum. The chassis works with an adjustable racing suspension that can be regulated through four modes ( Drive, Sport, Race and Off ). Lightweight construction as the front cover, the rear apron or the louvered engine cover reduce the vehicle weight by about 45 kg to 1,130 kg. In addition, the 360 Cup uses a revised aero package of the Exige V6 Cup. The front splitter, the rear diffuser and the wings were adapted so that is generated at 160 km / h output of 42 kilograms.

Turned up the power screw

At the Power screw Lotus Motorsport has also rotated: The 350-hp 3.5-liter V6 from the " normal " Exige models ( only the racetracks version makes 366 hp ) now brings 360 hp. In addition, the manufacturer installed a sport exhaust system. The completely redesigned drivetrain with launch control can accelerate to 100 kph to 360 Cup in under four seconds. To speed makes Lotus no precise information. But around 275 km / h should be in there.

Racing and comfort equipment

In addition to the optional comfort features such as air conditioning and a red Alcantara upholstery driving dynamics are improving in charge options program: here Lotus offers adjustable stabilizers, Öhlins Racing dampers and FIA Carbon racing seats to. In addition, a fire extinguishing system and a removable steering wheel allow order.

Stark Limited Edition

The sale of the 50 special models has already begun. For the equivalent of around 87,000 euros of the exclusive Lotus Cup is the British traders. Prices for the German market has not been the manufacturer unknown. In this country, there is a 350-horsepower standard Exige S Coupe from 69,900 euros . (ml)