Length of runs: The new Audi A7 Sportback

Ingolstadt, 20. October 2017

At Audi, it comes After the Premiere of the luxury sedans, the A8 now shows the renewed A7 Sportback. Not a trivial model, finally, is not to show the large hatchback coupe, only the new design language. Also an Outlook on the upcoming A6, the car conveys.

Design-a bridge to the A8

The optical formula of the new Audi A7 (Sportback is in the absence of other A7 variants can be actually unnecessary) as follows: The front end reminds one strongly of the new A8, however, typical of the brand, the single frame is placed Grill is wider and deeper. The headlights are available in three versions: the medium variant twelve light segments next to each other and to evoke associations with the digits 0 and 1. As the ultimate lighting solution Audi Matrix LED headlights with laser light.

Hardly grown

In profile, the new A7 on the lines of the current model. The dimensions of the little changes: The length of 4.97 metres remains the same, the wheelbase (2,93 meters) grows to a centimeter. Both the width and height to be set minimal by up to three millimeters. However, Audi promises more interior length, and thus more space in the rear. There is a single seat system, respectively, as an Option, a three-seat bench.

Disco at the back of the part

We turn to the rear, which Audi has taken the brunt of the predecessor. Are not integrated here is just a Spoiler, which deploys above 120 km/h, but also a narrow light band that connects the taillights. When you Open and Close fast, light animations run at both Ends of the vehicle.

Plus point for Golf players

The trunk volume compared to the previous unchanged: Between 535 and 1,390 liters of Luggage fit under the large tailgate. According to Audi, there is now finally enough space to stow two Golf bags sideways in the trunk.

Displays everywhere

The Cockpit of the A7 takes over largely from the A8. Means: A 10.1-inch Display in the upper section of the center console, where the driver controls the Infotainment. Including a further, an 8.6-inch touch screen for the air conditioning. The Central instruments are displayed on a 12.3-inch screen, optional Audi supplies a Head-up Display.

Four drive units to choice

The chassis of the A7-customer has the choice of four variants: a conventional steel spring suspension, a sports suspension with ten millimeters lowered suspension, electronically controlled damping, and finally, an air suspension system with level control. Also a four-wheel steering is in the option list, it is up to a speed of 60 km/h the rear wheels at an angle of five degrees. Wheels are available up to a size of 21 inches with tires in the Format 255/35.

Independent Parking

As with the A8, Audi also sports the A7 with assistance systems, such as the possibility of Maneuvering into a Parking space without the driver's presence. In addition to these so-called AI systems, there should be a total of 39 different driver assistance systems. Is taken in addition, the Infotainment and Connectivity offerings of the A8.

Save by sailing

All engines in the new A7 come standard with a new mild-hybrid System. In the case of the V6 units, a 48-Volt on-Board network. A belt-driven Starter-Generator works with a Lithium-ion battery and is supposed to offer when braking, Recuperation capacity of up to 12 kilowatts (16 HP). Between 55 and 160 km/h, a sailing with the engine off is possible. The stop-Start function is already 22 km/h activated.

In 2018 it goes

With the market starting the end of February 2018, there is first a engine, namely the A7, 55 TFSI quattro S tronic. You have no idea what is behind it? Don't worry, we thanks to the new nomenclature. Audi explains it: It is a three-liter V6 gasoline engine with 340 HP and 500 Newton meters of maximum torque. Coupled the engine to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. In 5.3 seconds on Tempo 100, a maximum of 250 km/h are possible. A further Four - and six-cylinder will follow as gasoline and Diesel. For the 55 A7 Audi calls a base price 67,800 euros. For comparison: The new BMW 6-series GT costs as 640i xDrive 70.700 Euro.(rh)