(Lease car drivers) pay is often wrongly your own risk

Our grandparents said it earlier: an accident sits in a small corner. So also for business drivers. Often you will lose the own risk of the (lease car drivers) in case of an accident, but it is still at 60 percent of the cases, the account incorrectly on the mat of the employee.

The netherlands currently has over 1.3 million business riders. Research of Association Business Drivers (VZR) shows that 81 percent of these leaserijders a car scheme has signed. It contains all the agreements of the employer with his employee about the use of the company car. One of the chapters of such a car scheme is dedicated to the deductible after an accident. The VZR concludes that the sometimes shaky, because in 60 percent of all autoregelingen the excess during working hours incorrectly charged to the employee. However, this is in conflict with the Civil Code, which in article 7:661 it is stated that the employee in case of damage during business hours and no deductibles have to pay. Exceptions to the rule are if there is intent or deliberate recklessness.

This walk, the amounts of own risk according to VZR sometimes exorbitantly high. The average own risk is between € 150 and € 300, while during the investigation, regular amounts from € 500 to € 750 passed. VZR-chairman Jan van Delft advises: "do not agree with a higher own risk than € 300."