Lead by H & R technique for the Audi R8

Lennestadt, 10 June 2016

The second generation of the Audi R8 belongs to the machine series athletes. In the top version with 610 HP, accelerates the Coupé in 3.2 seconds (with sports tyres in 3.1 seconds) to 100 and is quickly up to 330 km/h. How much really is fun in the R8, want to show H & R with newly developed sport springs.

New sport springs

The springs lower the focus of the car, which has driving dynamics positively. Also the discreet deep lapping makes powerful 190.000 euro expensive car, so the tuner from the sauerland Lennestadt.

Coil-over suspension and Sportstabis

Especially individually manages the voting of the new R8 with a Coilover suspension, which will be available in the near future. With this, the racy Coupé can be set infinitely to up to four centimeters deep. Also "Trak + wheel spacers and sport sway bars are in preparation. (sl)