Le Mans picture novel

Hair, 13 January 2016

Steve McQueen once said "I don't know whether I'm an actor who race or a race driver who acting". 47 years ago, McQueen decided to shoot the film "Le Mans", up to the present day an exceptional work that is second to none in terms of attention to detail and authenticity. Now a young artist has put the film into a picture novel.

McQueen said in the dream

How Sandro Garbo on the idea came to capture the legendary film on paper? Now, according to Steve McQueen appeared himself in a dream and asked him to keep the myth of his film on the life. Whether we believe it or not, the finished work is definitely worth a look. 64 pages, which are reliving the story of the film "Le Mans" wonderful drawings were created in three years. In cooperation with the organizers of the 24 hours of Le Mans, Garbo put so much value on historical minutiae and details.

Picture novel in five languages

The image novel "Steve McQueen in Le Mans" is available in English, Italian, French and German. The almost one kilogram heavy book comes with a hardcover to the customer and costs 32 euros. 2018 a second part to follow. Finally, let's again get the artist to Word: "we have simply tried to make the most beautiful picture novel about race, and today we are totally excited about it that he is finished" so are we. (mf)