Land Rover for the forgetful

Schwalbach, 29 April 2016

Do you know that? You have his keys, wallet or a Pocket moved and mulling while driving: I have it? Where did I leave? Remedy the app is the U.S. company "Tile". You is now for the first time in the infotainment system of a car used in the Land Rover Discovery sport.

Tiles instead of lost property Office

The English word "Tile" means "Tile" and is explained by the way of the app: the owner can provide important items with small Tile-shaped pendants or stickers. Via Bluetooth, they can then locate on the Smartphone. Or via the touch screen of the Land Rover Discovery sport. Starts the tile app there, there is an information to the passengers, when important things are not in the car. Direction tips will help when searching on the screen. Generally users on the touch screen can put together a list of things, automatically checked their status the app each time. An object is missing a 90 decibels louder sound can be the tile pendant trigger, to facilitate finding. Is no limit to the number of objects monitored per Smartphone, the tile app is compatible with Apple and Android.

Improved multi media service

As we talked about the infotainment: new top model here is the so-called "InControl touch Pro", a 10.2-inch touchscreen, which is already used in the Jaguar F-pace. The system dispenses with conventional keys and offers a 60 GB big disk. For the new model year Land Rover Discovery sport gets three new assistance systems: A fatigue Warner, a tracking with active intervention and intelligent speed control: uses the data of the traffic sign recognition. Changed the speed limit, the driver is prompted to confirm this maximum speed. If so, the cruise control on this speed is set.

Design in the Triple Pack

Finally, three new design packages in the discovery-sport program back: "Black" offers many black contrasts, "Graphite" mixes grey and black, while the front and rear styling changes "Dynamic". Front and side grilles are intended to underline the sporty character. (rh)