Lamborghini Terzo Millennio revealed

Sant'agata Bolognese, 7. November 2017

The automotive world has changed quite in the last few years. The times of indiscriminate love for the spectacular PS-Monster, contrary to tend to an end. Electric, Hybrid, and Autonomous Driving – that's what it is now in the mobility discussion. Also the sexiest car manufacturers in the world – Yes, meant Lamborghini – must face up to these thread topics. The Good thing is: If a company such as Lamborghini is concerned, the said issues suddenly not at all bland. Say Hello to the Lamborghini Terzo millenio Concept, an electric supercar that looks as if he had tumbled from the year 2050.

Cooperation with the

How it came to be? Now, about a year ago, has done a Lamborghini with a couple of very clever minds at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit). Together to bring the topics of energy storage systems and innovative materials. The goal, according to Lambo boss Stefano Domenicali: "The creation of a project to make a significant contribution to the realization of a super sports car for the third Millennium (hence the Name "Terzo Millennio"). Lamborghini needs to realize the dreams for the next Generation."

Prefer to use super capacitors

Say: in the future Lamborghini's will hang posters over the beds of pubescent teenager. The cars on these posters will be purely electric. If not so, as we know it today. "The approach to energy storage," power to revolutionize the it Lamborghini. For the Terzo Millennio, you wrote, therefore, the departure from conventional accumulators on the flags. Instead, you want to explore the potential of super capacitors. The objectives of a high peak power, the recovery of kinetic energy (supply and consumption go much faster), as well as the improvement of the service life. The gap to the energy density of conventional batteries should be closed at the same time they wanted to get the high performance, the symmetrical behavior and the very long lifetime of the super capacitors technology.

A E-Motor on each wheel

As always, this technique will look at the end, in the Terzo Millennio is coupled to an all wheel drive Setup with four electric motors. A Motor located in each wheel. As advantages of this arrangement Lamborghini announced the high torque, the reversibility and the possibility of energy movement "by wire". Apart from that, it means absolute freedom for the designers and aerodynamicists.

Radical Aerodynamics

This brings us to the subject of Design and aerodynamics. As you will have noticed, the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio for 2017er-eyes fairly caught up. In a positive way, of course. The car is built "on a completely new architecture". It is a Carbon Monocoque that uses Lamborghini's Forged composite technology, and only the energy storage system and the seats. A Carbon body, which was more radical than ever, calibrated to aerodynamics sits.

Body as a storage station

In addition, the case of the Terzo Millennio benefited greatly from Lambos growing experience in the development and production of carbon fiber structures. "Lightweight design to a new level" is only a future thought. The other is likely to provide a significantly more open mouths. Examining, namely, how-in rechargeable nano-behavior of particles in carbon-fiber materials. Apparently they act like a battery, because of the built-in nano save tube energy. Simplified, this means: The entire body could in the future serve as a storage system.

This car heals itself

Sounds weird? It will be even wilder. Lamborghini and want to namely, that of the Terzo Millennio heals itself. He shall find as a result of accidents caused cracks and damage to its structure independently and self-repair operations via micro-channels to trigger, which are filled with chemicals for the repair. Sounds like this car would be Wolverine. And has a decisive advantage: Even the parts that are exposed to heavy wear, might in the future be made of Carbon, and so the weight of the vehicle more pressing.

First Steps

An ACE of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio has in the Sleeves. He can also drive itself. Doesn't sound particularly exciting? Well, maybe not on the highway (which he can), but maybe on a race track. This makes no sense? Maybe it is. Namely, when the Millennio showing you the perfect line, then it emits and, as in the computer game Gran Turismo as a virtual Ghost Car in front of you shows up, the perfect line, you need to hunt. "Our guiding principle is an Inspiration from what is today impossible, to shape the reality of tomorrow," said Stefano Domenicali. You expect, nevertheless not all-electric, self-healing, Aventador successor. The Italians here to see more "first steps in the direction of a possible electric Lamborghini super sports car."(sw)