Lada Vesta: Unusually well stocked

Togliatti, July 30, 2014

The Russian automaker AvtoVAZ plans to present at the Moscow Motor Show ( 29 August-7 September 2014), the all-new Lada Vesta. The production lines for the sedan to be launched on 25 September 2015 of Vesta will then replace the Priora. Visually, the newcomer is based on the concept car called X-Ray, which premiered at the Moscow salon already in 2012. Even then amazed the audience about modern, attractive design, which was quite unusual for Lada. The X-Ray was drawn by Steve Mattin, the former Volvo chief designer and contemporary design responsible at AvtoVAZ Lada.

Only a cockpit image

For Vesta, the Russian Lada - press department is currently engaged virtually no information out, an outdoor image does not yet exist. Was released officially for a cockpit photo which can really amaze Lada connoisseur. You can see the display of a large multimedia system as well as a retractable lever, the control panel automatic climate control and steering wheel buttons. These even a button of a steering wheel heating is seen. Such features have been previously searched in vain for Lada.

Approximately 8,400 euros

According to a press release Lada chief Bo Andersson has announced on July 5, 2014, that of Vesta will cost about 400,000 rubles, which works out at around 8,400 euros. But it is not just a low price to attract customers, the car should also comply with the European safety standards. As engines are aggregates of AvtoVAZ itself and the Lada - principal owner Renault-Nissan for use . (HD)