Kona electric: The he costs

Frankfurt/Main, 15. June 2018

This is what we call a pioneer: Hyundai is the first manufacturer in the B-Segment (up to 4.20 meters), a fully electric SUV on the market. It is now known, what is the cost of the Kona electric.

E-Kona in a double pack

The most important details of the Hyundai Kona electric: There are in him two power levels and three equipment. The "small" current-Kona provides 100 kilowatts equal to 136 HP and offers 395 Newton-meter of torque. In 9.7 seconds it goes to 100. A Lithium-Polymer battery with 39.2 million kilowatt-hours of capacity should be enough for 312 kilometers to the WLTP standard.

Fats Range

The "great" Kona electric brings it to 150 kilowatts, equal to 204 horsepower. From zero to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds. 64 kilowatt-hours of power to fit here in the battery, enough for 482 kilometres. The operation of the actuator takes place in both embodiments via buttons on the center console. The recuperation power can be varied via the steering wheel paddles. Exterior distinguishing feature is the closed grille.

Not cheap, but well equipped

And what is the Hyundai Kona electric costs now? First, you should have in mind that there are in addition to state funding of 4,000 euros. The price list starts with the Kona electric Trend for 34.600 Euro. Including, among other things, an active track are already keeping assistant with steering intervention, special 17-inch alloy wheels, an Eight-inch Navi plus sound system and a rearview camera. Who wants the big engine and the large battery pays for 39,000 Euro. For comparison: The cheapest Nissan Leaf (150 HP and 415 km range) costs 31.950 Euro. The top model in Kona electric is the "Premium", it is only with the big technology. Cost: 45.600 Euro, but with a Head-up Display, heated and ventilated leather seats, and many of the helpers, such as a traffic jam assistant.(rh)