Kia Sportage: Facelift

Frankfurt/Main, 23. May 2018

With 131,000 copies sold in Europe alone in the year 2017, The Kia Sportage is one of the revenue providers of the Korean brand. Thus one gets the 4,48 meters long SUV a Facelift.

Lifting with a small scalpel

Externally, the model care measures are only noticeable at second glance. There are lights in the headlights and rear, with the addition of newly designed bumpers. Owners of the previous one, since in 2015-built Sportage can look forward to: your car is not suddenly obsolete. The GT-Line version of the Sportage sets itself apart by dark accents of its SUV brethren. All of the Sportage will get a new steering Wheel and modified instruments.

More Wizard

In terms of assistance systems the Kia Sportage will be upgraded: on offer is a distance in the future, cruise control with storage function, all-round view camera for better Parking and a fatigue Warner. When it comes to Infotainment, customers have the choice between touch screen with seven and eight inches in diameter.

Diesel with a mild hybrid

Under the sheet metal there is a real Innovation: The new Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi EcoDynamics+, the diesel engine is supported by the factory by an electric drive. It includes a 48-Volt battery and a starter generator and allows different 12-Volt Start-stop systems switch Off the combustion engine in the driving mode, such as when Coasting or braking. The "EcoDynamics+"drive is reduced according to Kia, the CO2-emissions according to the new test cycle WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure), up to four percent.

Market launch in the third quarter of 2018

In the case of the "normal" diesels, the new 1.6 CRDi replaces the previous 1.7-litre diesel. The engine is available with 115 HP or 136 HP. The stronger Version is also available with all-wheel drive and Seven-speed dual-clutch transmission available. All diesel engines in the revised Kia Sportage have a modern SCR-exhaust gas purification system that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions significantly. The revised Kia Sportage is coming in the third quarter of 2018 Europe-wide on the market.(rh)