Kia Soul EV The Power Box

The Power Box

Everyone is talking about electric cars, while the offer is actually quite narrow. From autumn Kia now goes into the pure e-mobility. And the Koreans take the issue very seriously and want to ride especially in terms of battery technology directly in front. The selected vehicle at least seems to be predestined as electricity.

The term electricity box may need to be redefined in autumn. No more drab gray and immobile at the roadside standing - but colorful and cheerful driving on the road. The Kia Soul EV ( Electro Vehicle) might have what it takes to enrich the still small range of pure electric vehicles seriously. And this has mainly two reasons.

For one, the soul seems to be predestined as e-vehicle. The boxy Van does not just stand, it also offers so much space reserve, is so real lost by installing the batteries hardly any space. Only the footwell of the rear passengers had to be raised a little to accommodate the battery.

Second reason: The Kia engineers have put together an interesting technology package. Thus, the Korean suppliers of SK Innovation can zuliefern batteries with a particularly high energy density. The 192 lithium-ion polymer batteries deliver 27 kWh. By comparison, the world's most successful electric car, the Nissan Leaf, has 24 kWh. At the same time the battery with 282 kg is at least twelve pounds lighter than that of the market leader and ranges according to Kia 200 kilometer range, which - is likely to be much lower in practice - as with all electric cars.

© The boxy Kia Van does not just stand, it also offers so much space reserve, is so real that lost by installing the batteries hardly any space .   In a first exit of the available probably from October Stromer showed no noticeable weaknesses. The pre-production model was also already well made, nothing rattled or crackled. A regenerative braking system to recharge the battery during braking or during coasting about a red light. That works pretty well and was noticeable and understandable.

To visually distinguish the Soul EV of the normal sister models of the second generation, has the power box over other bumpers front and rear, special 16-inch alloy wheels, a new grille and above all a striking two-tone paint, our vehicle about was white painted, dropped the roof in a light blue. Very stylish, so who floats through the city, his audience has safely.

© KiaInnen continues the two-tone continues, and there is a special OLED display and the plastics are designed soft   Inside, the two-tone continues, and there is a special OLED display and the plastics are softer designed without, however, be really soft. Indeed, they are a little too sensitive to scratching. However, it is fair to say that among the electric cars currently available this interior still is one of the higher quality. The next - and more expensive - E-Golf is as safe putting a different scale.

Whether the Soul EV is from autumn find its buyers, of course, depends crucially on the price. The may actually not be too far from a Nissan Leaf or a Renault Zoe. Although the Koreans offers generous space, range and performance, however, are comparable to the competitors. A leaf starts with a battery in the base version at around 30,000 euros. We say: More than 32,000 euro should not cost the well-equipped electric soul.

Kia Soul EV - Specifications: