Kia Soul EV Reveals electricity box

Reveals electricity box

The angular Kia Soul gets an electric brother, the present, the Koreans just at the Auto Show in Chicago. The intrinsic values ​​of the Soul EV are not only eco, but also bio.

At the Auto Show in Chicago represents Kia introduces its first electric car for the mass market. The Koreans bring the electric version of the subcompact crossover Soul in late summer in America on the market in the fall, he is then in this country at the dealership.

Between 130 and 160 km of the Kia Soul EV should be able to go on a single charge. The small car is powered by a 81 kW/110 hp electric motor, which provides a torque of 285 Newton meters. In less than 12 seconds of Soul EV drives ( for " Electric Vehicle " ) from a standstill to 100 km / h at 145 km / h closing. While taxiing and braking, the Koreans regenerated power - up to twelve percent of the kinetic energy of the vehicle to be recovered, according to Kia. Since the 27 kWh battery is installed in the subfloor, the space should be remained almost the same in the interior compared to the traditional Soul.

The Soul EV has not a unique design so as a Nissan Leaf or even a BMW i3. But the Koreans spend their electricity box with a smoothed front end, contrasting paint and aerodynamically optimized wheels own face. Also in the interior, the EV settles with bright accents of nitro model. In addition, organic bio-materials in 19 different parts of the interior are processed, for example in door trim or carpet.

Kia is planning the gradual electrification of several models. In future there will also be a plug-in hybrid model for the long haul, also is working on a fuel cell vehicle.