Kia Optima GT: Here comes Sport

Frankfurt / Main, 23 September 2015

In autumn 2015, the new Kia Optima goes on sale. On the car fair IAA ( 17 to 27 September 2015) one can already keep an eye on the sedan. But in addition there are a further highlight: the Optima GT. The manufacturer is the Sport version still as concept car, but the exhibit is already very seriennah. The Optima is GT after GT Cee'd the second model of the brand under the Sport label. Mid-2016 he will come on the market, and not only as a four-door model, but also as a sport wagon. How might look like, has the study Kia Sport Space at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2015 demonstrated.

distinctive grille

The GT and the normal Optima differ in appearance already considerable. Evident is the athlete on the distinctive styled grille, modified air intakes in the front apron, a rear diffuser, side skirts and flashy special 18-inch Alus. For the interior the manufacturer promises also changes.

Suspension and steering specially adapted

Since the GT Optima was developed by Kia R & D center in Namyang in Korea jointly with the European R & D center for the brand in Rüsselsheim, driveability, handling and performance should be tailored to the demands of European drivers. The Sport version gets a specially tuned suspension and an adaptive suspension ( Electronic Controlled Suspension, ECS ), which regulates the damping force for each wheel separately. To this was larger disc brakes and a dynamically tuned power steering.

7.4 seconds, 240 km / h

Is driven the most powerful variant of the middle grader powered by a 2.0-liter direct-injection Turbobenziner-. The machine creates induce strong 245 hp and mobilizes a maximum torque of 353 Newton meters. The prototype sprints in 7.4 seconds from zero to 100 and further to 240 km / h ?? to launch the values ​​can, however, change. ( hd )