Kenny's Firecracker

Las Vegas, November 6, 2014

Ken Block: At the mention of this name get car fans among 40 bright eyes: The former rally driver has become known worldwide through advertising, video games and especially his Gymkhana videos. Gymk - what? Underlying this is a kind of obstacle course that is possible durchkurvt afloat with a mixture of drift and rally racing. And just that Mister block had built a new work unit now, which has now been unveiled at the SEMA tuning exhibition in Las Vegas.

Force sample

And what one thing. The world's only 1965 Ford Mustang hardtop coupe with all-wheel drive The four-wheel transmission is urgently needed because the pony car was modified heavily. Responsible for the company ASD is characterized Motorsports in Charlotte ( North Carolina ). There you have sunk a V8 with 410 cubic inch displacement, are the equivalent of 6,720 cubic centimeters. From the machine around 857 hp and 976 Newton meters of torque are taken, which are distributed through a system of French brand Sadev on all four wheels. Is switched sequentially through six gears, the drift to important handbrake works hydraulically.

fabulous Ford

The extremely broadened CFRP body of the Mega Mustangs stretched over a tubular frame including roll cage. Inspired the look of WRC rally cars, DTM cars and toy cars from Ken Block's youth. On the 18 - inch wheels have been Pirelli Trofeo - R tires in size 295/30 drawn. Interesting is the name of the car, have been working on the block and his colleagues two years: Hoonicorn RTR. A word game from block racing team " Hoonigan " and " Unicorn ", English for " Unicorn ". But unlike the mythical beast of the fabulous Ford is real. Much to the excitement of Mister Block: It is the best Gymkhana car, which he had ever said Kenny . ( rh )